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Ok, several of you fine people might have ask that question yourself once you stumbled upon my humble corner of the net.
I can see your point, if you say that another group is kinda useless.

It can has it's advantages. For example:

-You don't have to watch the artist of the comic, you can instead only watch the comic.
-You have a place where you can find all comic related stuff conviniently on one nice place, similar to an own comic website.
-You get journal/blog updates for contest or other events for the comic alone, instead having to sift through the occassional rant of the comic artist to find something comic related

Ok, very good reasons. But why a joinable group? Couldn't find someone else to kiss your ass?

First of all: No! If you think making/having a joinable group for your comic/project so people can submit fanart for example, then... well I could lie and tell you that's not it, but THAT'S IT! All about stroking my ego. :| It needs a good stroke once in a while.

Getting back on track. MY reason for the comic, well yeah, getting my ego stroked. Also the occassional kick in the ass.

But that was not my sole intentions. Therefore you won't find a fanart folder in this group (I really don't like that when watching a comic group to instead of getting updates on the comic, getting swamped by fanart. :|). I can use the group favorites for that.

Behold, here is a very good reason for this group:

You, the reader, can influence the story-line. Once a certain plot has been established I will ask questions once in awhile (maybe doing a poll, but for that I have to do it on my main account) and you can decide what should happen.
This way I want to involve the reader more than as if you'd only read the comic.

Also, the group is good if I hold another contest (which I very well may do).

In any case, enjoy the comic!
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About the Comic:

A legend, a curse and a paradise-like place in a hostile desert.

In a world ruled by Gods of the Old World a deal made out of desperation turns the life of an unsuspecting and innocent pup into a living hell.
Cast out of his pack, the only place he can flee to is the desert.
Without a home to return to, he sets out to find a brother he never knew and save not only their lives but also the lives of generations yet to be born.
With the help of a friend, who knows more than he lets on, a guide to lead him whatever path he may choose, he tries to find a way to break the curse and restore faith in the Gods.

Alteiran, youngest offspring and second in line to the throne of El'amir, has to flee after a horrible accident leaves him hated by his family and nearly killed.
Feeling left alone by the Gods he used to pray to, he finds himself stuck in the unforgiving deserts surrounding his former home. Close to death, the young pup is saved by an unlikely ally, a lone experienced wolf who knows more than he lets on, who takes him under his wing. Together they set out to find Alteirans older brother, Red, a brother he never knew, trying to save him from the destructive path he set himself on, as Red prepares to take the valley of El'amir by force, claiming a throne that is rightfully his.
Both brothers loss of faith in the Gods might be their biggest challenge, as both not only have to face each other but also the wrath of Demons and unholy Spirits.

Can they come to an understanding and fight side by side to save the Sacred Valley, or will their hatred and determination lead them right into their own destruction?



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